Barmouth Ferries

Independent of the Railway, the Ferries operate when trains run from Easter onwards. Crossings are £2.00 per person. Ask the Ferrymen for more information.


barmouth ferryFrom early times the Ferry has been important to the area. Before Henry VIII it was operated by local monks and thereafter by fishermen. From George III it was owned by the Barmouth Harbour Trust and let to suitable tenants providing a lifeline for Barmouth with a constant flow of goods and livestock. Horses could be stabled at Penrhyn Farm, although sometimes horses or cattle would be towed behind the Ferry.

By the 1800's the Ferry was a valuable franchise (it was on the Royal Mail Route - the roads were very different then). The advent of the of the Cambrian Railway initially brought more traffic to the Ferry, but the opening of Barmouth railway bridge on 10th October 1867 ended this monopoly and ruined the Ferry operator and spelt the end of Penrhyn Farm.


Accompanied children under the age of 12 months travel free.

Famous Ferry Passengers








Archbishop of Canterbury (1188)

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